Book Information

LITTLE BIRD’s BIG MESSAGE is a picture book for young children (suggested age 0-5), with themes of antiracism, diversity, and kindness and social justice. The story is narrated by one of the birds migrating through Central Park, telling the people, as children, how to interact with our fellow humans by truly listening rather than making assumptions, by working for equity rather than taking advantage of one’s privilege, by acknowledging our many differences as well as by finding common ground. With charming images of children of different races, cultures, abilities and gender identities modeling specific positive interactions, Little Bird implores the reader to take care of the earth and love its inhabitants. Easily understandable symbols and metaphors of peace, diversity, equity, environmental stewardship and freedom from oppression are seen visually throughout the book.

Using simple rhyming text and thoughtful, colorful illustrations this book conveys important social and even spiritual messages in an accessible and adorable way for very young children. An essential and timely modern classic.